'Black Mrrors’ & ‘Black Garden’ by Lauren Fensterstock

Lauren Fensterstock combines art historical references to Modernism with Victorian craft traditions in her dense installations of handmade paper flowers, charcoal and mirrors. Her meticulaously built monochromatic gardens appear minimal from afar, but a closer look reveals an indulgent attention to detail.  Lauren is also a writer, curator and educator living in Portland, Maine.

Lauren Fensterstock explores the paradoxical themes of “natural” and “artificial” as represented in three horticultural traditions: the American lawn, the formal designs of eighteenth-century Europe, and the Japanese art of cultivating chrysanthemums. Creating three distinct gardens using ornately quilled, cut, and sculpted black paper, Fensterstock has cultivated highly crafted, delicate installations that embody the inherent contradiction of all gardens.

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Daniel Murtagh, 2009.

Jack Simcock by hauk sven on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan